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Follows is a public record comment from USDA’s request for comments that are being taken until August 8th. If you haven’t submitted your comments yet, I urge you to do so but not until you read this one. This succinctly details all the problems with NAIS, all of the industry pandering, the international entanglements, etc. […]

Independence Mall in Philadelphia was one of many places the bad word about NAIS was presented on July 4. Barbara Steever, a dedicated NAIS opponent passed out factual information on NAIS from and other freedom fighter sites. Barbara was enthusiastically received by numerous consumers who had no idea of how expensive food prices would become if current proposed bills […]

by Darol Dickinson 7-1-09 Let’s call him Mr. B. He was a very auspicious Texas businessman and Mr. B planned to stay that way. His success had come hard, taking the highest risks, and no half pint politician was going to pass some bleeding heart law to thwart his achievements. Mr. B volunteered to serve […]

HR 2749: Our food supply seized by the Merchants of greed HR 2749, the “Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009“ is the latest in a series of misguided ”food safety” legislation that  utilizes a failed “one-size-fits-all regulatory scheme”. The legislation is completely absent effective regulation for US food imports and corporate agribusiness behemoths such as Monsanto, ADM, Con Agra and Cargill (primary causes of […]

by Darol Dickinson 6-29-09 Over 1000 livestock producer’s businesses die each month in the USA. Many of these family farms and ranches have survived the great depression and weathered the droughts and blizzards. Today a different storm of a political nature is planning to deal the death blows. Less than 2% of all US residents […]

*This is a report on NLIS in Australia which is a parallel program to the USDA’s NAIS.  dd Australian Beef Association (ABN 66 079 048 847) PO Box 446 26 Desmond Lane OAKEY QLD 4401 Phone 07 4691 2618 FAX 07 4691 3814 E-mail: 18 June 2009 Australia’s NVD Leads the Major Beef Export […]

By Robert Pore Published: Sunday, June 28, 2009 12:16 AM CDT Dwindling support for a National Animal Identification System (NAIS) has one Nebraska livestock organization calling on state livestock producers to reject the idea of making the program mandatory. State producers will have an opportunity on Tuesday to speak their minds about the future […]

June 22nd, 2009 10:58 am  |  by Mike Miller |  Published in Big Government,, Liberty, Market Regulation, Politics, congress |  Comment On This Article D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h Quote of the Day: “Increasingly, we are seeing consumers join forces with […]