April 15, 2024

Harrisburg, Pa—the first of a series of NAIS Listening Sessions was held today at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center, Harrisburg, Pa. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stated, “I encourage individuals and organizations to voice their concerns, ideas and potential solutions about animal identification.” And—voice concerns they did!
This historical documentation from the first USDA fake listening session was May 14, 2009.

The full article is http://nafaw.com/first-nais-listening-session-by-usdaaphis/

A summary of comments, all negative, are listed below. The same concerns are valid today as 14 years ago. When the federales want to push something on an industry they have unlimited tax collection skills and funds never run out for demanding their own laws, regulations and fines.

  • “There is no problem that NAIS will fix.”
  • “Drop the program.”
  • “Don’t use the word premises. I own property, not a premise.”
  • “Trace only international imported and export animals.”
  • “It is obvious enforcement is big with USDA by the looks of the police guards present here today. We are scared of your enforcements of NAIS mandatory on our farms.”
  • “Leave us alone! I am just here to say, NO!”
  • “We don’t trust USDA.”
  • “USDA has a tarnished reputation of raiding family farms without cause. NAIS is designed to make farm raids more prevalent.”
  • “If a government program isn’t worth doing, it is not worth doing right.”
  • Statement to the break-out moderator, “Thank you for listening. The longer you listen—NAIS won’t be mandatory.”
  • “NAIS is OK with me except for just one part—–MANDATORY.”
  • “You have not been honest with us about the enrollment numbers for NAIS.”
  • “USDA are amateur liars. I like to be lied to professionally.”
  • “NAIS has a trust issue. We don’t trust NAIS.”
  • An R-CALF USA eight point proposal for an alternative animal health program was recommended six times during the break-out session. (It was the only alternative solution offered.)
  • “The country is in serious economical trouble. It is not the time to add more costs to farm production.”
  • “Over 90% of farmers are opposed to NAIS. Will you still demand mandatory NAIS regardless of listening session results?
  • “The USDA animal health program currently is effective, NAIS is not needed.”
  • “Don’t call me a stakeholder. I am a land and horse owner. I am insulted by calling me a stakeholder. I am not holding the stakes for others.”
  • “USDA should be working on vaccines to prevent disease instead of NAIS trace back.”
  • For over 200 articles opposed to USDA flawed programs, NAIS and ADT go to www.nafaw.com.  The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FARM ANIMAL WELFARE.

To comment on the new extended rule making by USDA: • Federal eRulemaking Portal: Go to www.regulations.gov. Enter APHIS-2021-0020 in the Search field. Select the Documents tab, then select the Comment button in the list of documents.

Every livestock owner should oppose all additional government rule making, fines, penalties and new regulations that would be costly to livestock production without any proven return value. You have 2 weeks to file a comment. D

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