June 21, 2024

by Darol Dickinson 6-22-09

HR875Were the USDA sessions designed to decoy livestock and land owners from the real issues? Opposition to NAIS in the USDA listening sessions is over 95% against it. The violent hate displayed toward USDA is almost unbelievable? What has the USDA done to make the world’s most peaceful and productive farmers explode into battle mode? Obviously apparent is the depth of farmers’ desperation about NAIS.

The listening sessions are running their course. Farmers want to know “What now?” Will livestock owners who testified opposing NAIS have any voice in totally killing it? If NAIS is rejected by the feds, will it dump train loads of congressional egg-on-the-face of USDA? Is it now just a USDA ego thing? They have spent over $150,000,000 and the pig won’t fly.

I’ve taken “loss of freedom” as an expression of outrage at the bureaucratizing of farming, or a way of talking about huge governmental overreach, or the use of conservative or libertarian language to describe loss of personal, democratic or constitutional rights.

I was in the midst of trying to convey why the effort to stop the bills in Congress now (and still coming) must be centrally focused on farmers themselves and not on other people’s food, when I found myself saying, “Is this about farm slavery?” Is NAIS dead and so-called food safety laws ready to replace it with an even more serious enforcement?

Given that an obvious form of enslavement is at stake, it’s reasonable for farmers to seek reassurance that no accidental acceptance of any portion of the food safety bills will happen?

It was only after writing this that I was jerked up by my own words and suddenly experienced them as neither symbolic nor hyperbole. It struck me then that we are in fact looking at a cold-blooded new form of slavery.

I have always assumed that slavery was an historic event which we have rejected. I see our cultural repulsion at continuing forms of slavery as a sign of civilization having learned lessons about slavery and being committed now to stopping it in every form wherever it still exists.

So, it was not easy to recognize that so called food safety bills being introduced are an actual form of enslavement of a whole class of people. What other word would people use to describe controls imposed on people that define work they must perform, computer entries to be recorded daily, down to the most extreme detail, or suffer penalties as high as $500,000 and ten years in prison for mere infractions?

USDA lists 33 NAIS species for possible disease communications. Although people are a major carrier of TB, horses and 32 other species will not escape entrapment just because it is labeled “food safety.”

I’ve been writing variations on those words for sometime. Why did it take so long for the light to dawn? NAIS is more than bad, it is more than terrible, it is more than insane – it is astoundingly immoral. It is truly slavery. We hear the “white shirted” USDA posturing on safe food, traceability, world trade, and pandemic fear. These flawed theories must be replaced with facts of reality and the retch and torture of NAIS enslavement for every farm family.

Along with NAIS comes “best farming practices” which would force a person on their own land to feed their own animals what the government determines, to treat them medically as the government decrees, to chemically spray the land as, and when, and with what the government orders.

Perhaps if it were only applied to one aspect of someone’s life, it might be called tyranny. What is being proposed comes down on farmers where they live and on what they do and on all they own and on what defines them as people, it is deeper than “mere” tyranny. It is theft of all meaning and reduction to operating against one’s will, against one’s knowledge, against one’s land, against one’s animals, against one’s needs, against one’s being and against one’s generational heritage.

We are used to seeing things in a familiar shape – slavery as a black man in forced labor, imperialism as foreigners on someone else’s soil and ruling by guns and fiat. So, it is easy to be fooled to believe that what is happening in agriculture is no relation to this. Today’s new master, globalization, is a result of our elected officials giving away OUR rights without getting OUR permission. As NAIS can, may and hopefully will die, now the same enemy to freedom and American farm food production is already planned to choke the same people with a 1Pennyroyal cure.

USDA knew by their own numerous polls, years ago, that if the “paying ones” were allowed a voice, NAIS would meet it’s Grim Reaper.

As they knew the end of NAIS was only about letting the peasants speak, Machiavellian pawns like Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Collin Peterson were inking HR2749, with their 2co-verdugos. Under the facade of fake “food safety” it is unbelievably more vicious than NAIS. Using the words “trace of food” therein is the hidden, polished over, nasty head of an NAIS. As smells of the Patriot Act and an “emergency declaration” which USDA could declare, NAIS plus more could be enforced.

DeLauro and Peterson are “vultures of a feather.” They will do nothing that would stop or slow down mandatory NAIS implementation. Any red herring they toss the media will be a faustian impulse, and any budget cut will be accidental or fungible. NAIS is also camouflaged in HR 875, HR759, HR814, HR1332, S425, S510 and numerous other proposed enslavements. NAIS is clearly illustrated in HR814, and broad government code words like “non specific” “all foods” “transport of all foods” is where the other traps are set.

Shall we strip away our familiar templates and recognize that their fake “food safety” bills are just pestiferous deceptions. We are looking at multinational corporations as true totalitarian masters actually setting up to take over the land from farmers and control them as thoroughly as slaves were ever controlled, threatening their lives and all they hold dear if they do not obey. But it has been such a slick thing how these masters of “campaign donations” present themselves – in boardrooms, with our financially thirsty bureaucrats and politicians, running our agencies, in our courts, in science laboratories – that we miss the brutal, ugly, cruel, immoral reality—-it is a plan for all-out farm slavery!

DeLauro, who has never profitably bought sold or owned a single head of the 33 targeted species recently described the over 3,000,000 US livestock owners who refuse to surrender to NAIS as, “fool hearted” and “misinformed.”

Take action now with your elected employees. Although totally novice, their desire to regulate and rule US livestock producers is as real as a snake bite!


1The Pennyroyal herb is a well-known abortificant which causes the uterine muscles to contract. It was successfully used in early America by whores to abort. Was mostly discontinued due to the frequent death of the user.

2Verdugo – Spanish – executioner (de preso); hangman (que ahorca)

6 thoughts on “NAIS~~ Slavery or a Civil Rights Issue?

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    that I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  2. When I contacted DeLauro’s office by phone, I was told they didn’t want to hear anything from me because I didn’t live in her district. It must be really nice to make rules for all of rural America, but only answer to a few people in CT. A look at the description of her district makes no mention of farming activity.

  3. Darol
    Wow. Well written and I agree. NAIS is nothing BUT enslavement. I saw the wording of property owners changed to Premises and owners thereafter termed as tenants on their own land!!
    Thank you for your article and the support of HELL NO TO NAIS!!!
    Lisa In TX

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