July 24, 2024

Memo: Please listen to this new USDA planned “stab-in-the-back” to livestock producers. This effort by R-CALF, if successful, will save cattle producers billions over the years. The common sense R-CALF presentation to USDA is dead-on.

An additional cost-point — today professional livestock producers have some supply of LA 200 and other antibiotics ready for the prompt treatment when, and if some infection hits a herd. The VERY important part is to administer preventative treatment early in the beginning stages of pinkeye, pneumonia, etc. The early application is big — really big. There is no time to wait for a veterinarian to do a prescription, and or, order certain medications — every delay is deadly.

The ignorant USDA bureaucrats, who have never palpated a cow, find it easy to encumber commerce, but never seem to get any good ideas of how to make things economical or easier on producers.

A good thing to do — help yourself and USA producers of quality beef by joining R-CALF today. Call 406 252 2516

Here is this week’s radio recording in mp3 and m4a formats. This week’s segment is titled “ Merry Christmas: The FDA Is Attempting to Increase Cattle Production Costs” and discusses the FDA’s plan to end over-the-counter sales of several animal antibiotics.


Thank you.

Bill Bullard, CEO, R-CALF USA

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