April 19, 2024

I find it interesting that of all the places where these USDA listening sessions are being held, not one is scheduled in or around Wisconsin.  I find that strange because the USDA paid Wisconsin  35 million dollars under a “co-operative agreement”  (bribe) to foist NAIS and Premises ID on the unsuspecting farmers and ranchers in that state in violation not only of Wisconsin’s state constitution, but also in violation of the US constitution.

Now you would think, what with Wisconsin officials accepting the cooperative agreement (bribe) funds, promoting the new test law as a “voluntary” system which was actually mandatory, and then Wisconsin Ag granting itself the authority to conduct warrantless searches and seizure, AND the accompanying provisions for fines, property seizure and even imprisonment as listed in Article 95 of the Wisconsin law, that USDA would be holding at least one session in that state.

After all, wouldn’t they want the rest of the country to know what a resounding success NAIS/Premises ID was?  Wouldn’t they want to hear first hand how the farmers and ranchers there were responding to this invasion of private property?  This intent to render them criminals for failing to comply?  This intent to seize control of food production and supply and to run the family and independent producers out of business and off the land?

Personally, if I had paid state officials 35 million to violate the rights of the people and to strip away their constitutional protections and rights…..I’d want the whole country to know what my money had purchased for me.

But that’s just me!

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June 13, 2009
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