July 16, 2024

S. 510 will make your food more expensive and less safe. It will drive many small farms out of business. The leaders of the “lame duck” Congress want to pass this falsely named “food safety” bill NEXT WEEK, but . . .

They’ll need 60 votes to break Sen. Coburn’s “hold” on the bill.

That means we can defeat S.510 with just 40 votes, but we must apply the pressure now!

Please send a letter right now telling your Senators to oppose S. 510.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

S.510 will crush family farms and small businesses with excessive regulations – even though they were NOT the source of recent food safety problems.

S.510 also violates the Fourth Amendment by allowing the FDA to invade and search farms and food producers without court permission.

If you think the FDA will use this new power responsibly, think again. David Gumpert reports that the FDA shut down two raw-milk cheese-makers for the presence of the pathogen listeria, even though . . . http://tinyurl.com/2e5x2sq

* Nobody got sick
* The FDA almost never shuts down companies for the mere presence of pathogens – even when people DO get sick
* Companies have previously been allowed to clean things up, rather than shut down.

If the FDA is starting to behave like this now, just imagine how abusive it will be under S.510?

Finally, it must be stressed that big agribusiness has been the source of most recent food safety problems. S.510 will make this problem worse by burdening small producers, and driving them out of business. This will make our food supply more centralized, less diverse, and more dangerous.

Please STOP S.510. This Congress must NOT pass any food safety bill. Remember, the voters have repudiated this Congress, and it’s heavy handed ways.


You can send your letter through DownsizeDC’s Educate the Powerful System.

Remember, Congress DOES read your letters. They DO have an impact. The more letters they receive, the more we’re likely to succeed.

So please forward this, share on your social networks, and retweet this message: http://twitter.com/#!/DDCDispatch

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James Wilson
Assistant Communications Director

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2 thoughts on “S. 510 is not about food safety

  1. It looks like you don’t care if sobedomy gets sick at all or even dies. How can you proof, people don’t get sick from food stands, farmers markets, small shops etc. I had so many food poisings eating in restaurants, it almost killed me. I’m suffering for more then 20 years because of a fish poisining. You are worse then the food mafia! If you Stop the food safety law you’ll be guilty of every sickness and death!!!

  2. The bill is not about food safety. It is about food control and puts the government and big agrabusiness in the drivers seat. It will make all of our food cost a lot more and will drive many small farmers out of business, and will not do anything to improve food safety.100% of the beef recalls have been on USDA inspected beef from large plants. There never has been a recall on small plant, state inspected beef.Top down control only enforces mindless rules, not intelligent decisions. If you get sick from food at the farmers market, you know the guy that raised the food and can complain, or never purchase his products again. As big-agra incorporates more and more food under a big umbrella, you and I will have less and less food choices.

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