June 21, 2024

During the Obama administration USA sovereignty was freely distributed to every tin-horn upstart organization world wide – now American Agriculture, the people who feed the world, are paying a price in many directions.

Bill Bullard

This short radio broadcast by CEO of R-CALF, Bill Bullard  quickly gives the history, and predicts the future of how the Animal Disease Traceability (ADT), a costly enforcement on all USA cattle producers, is being plunged down the throats of ranchers. (click here to listen) NAIS/ADT has been soundly refused by producers for the last 10 years, yet the USDA, NCBA, Mexico, Canada and the American Farm Bureau all agree it is a reasonable price all USA cattle people should be happy to pay.

Play this radio condensed version and groan, if you raise livestock, or plan to purchase beef in the future — it is designed that,  you-will-pay!

R-CALF is the only all rancher membership organization in the USA, and the only group protesting ADT in the USA. Every USA cattle producer should be an R-CALF member. Click For Application.

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